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Introduction of Fukushima Prefecture

Fukushima Prefecture, located in the Tohoku Region, has the 3rd largest area in Japan and is characterized by the grandeur of nature and a wide variety of special local food products.
The brand which was granted the top grade by the IWC (London) in the category of sake or rice wine in 2015 was from Fukushima Prefecture.

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Image of the page contents

Fukushima Prefecture Outlines

  • Population
  • Area
  • Region and climate
  • Governor
  • Transportation
    (Railways, Expressways, Air routes)
  • Fukushima International Association

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To the world from Fukushima, Dr. Hideyo Noguchi

  • Portrait on the 1,000 yen note
  • Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize

Yoshi Muroya

To the extensive skies from Fukushima, Yoshihide Muroya

  • One of the 14 members of Red Bull Air Race Pilot lives in Fukushima.
  • Here comes the reason.