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Environmental Restoration

The air radiation dose rate in the prefecture has dropped significantly since April 2011, that is, immediately after the nuclear accident.
Decontamination of prefectural land has been completed in all areas except for the Difficult-to-return zone.

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Radiation levels in the prefecture

  • Changes in radiation doses
  • Comparison with global data
  • Fukushima Prefecture's radioactivity measurement map

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Decontamination within the prefecture

  • What is decontamination?
  • Environmental remediation for 11 municipalities done by national government finished by March 2017, and majority of environmental remediation for 36 municipalities done by municipalities finished by March 2017.

Fukushima & IAEA

Collaboration with the IAEA

  • Memorandum on the cooperation with the IAEA
  • Agreement on the implementation of projects with the IAEA

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Centre for Environmental Creation

A series of research centers are built and enhanced in order to accelerate the rehabilitation of the environment of the prefecture and create the environment which allows the residents to live safely and securely into the future.