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Fukushima JET Programme Support System

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Prefectural Advisors

The Prefectural Advisor system is an integral part of the JET Programme. The PA is able to lend an understanding ear to participants when he or she is in need of one, and may be able to help the JET find a solution to problems that might arise while he or she is in Japan. Prefectural Advisors receive basic training in problem solving techniques, and are bound by strict codes of ethics and confidentiality. You can feel free to chat with the PAs, in confidence, about whatever might be on your mind.

Please understand that the Prefectural Advisors are in no way 'in charge' of the JET Programme in Fukushima, and are in no way able to 'direct' individual supervisors or Contracting Organizations. PAs, therefore, are not magical problem solvers. We are, however, able to assist conflicting parties in breaking down the barriers to communication that often lead to problems in the workplace, and can even interpret in meetings when the need arises.

Fukushima Prefecture PAs are available during work hours, and outside of work hours by appointment only. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or just need to chat!


PA Introduction


Youki Wiens

プロフィール画像Hi everyone! My name is Youki and I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I work at the International Affairs Division at the Fukushima Prefectural Government as a CIR.

I'm half Japanese and half Canadian and so I've been to Japan many times since I was a child. Also during university, I did an exchange to Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for one year. Not only did I improve my Japanese language skills, but I got to experience living on my own for the first time in Japan. Later I realized that I wanted to work in Japan after finishing university so that's why I applied to the JET Programme. Also, I graduated with a double major in Japanese language and French literature. Being able to speak three languages has opened up many opportunities to interact with people from around the world and understand different cultures as well.

In August 2018, I came to work in Fukushima and it has been a great experience. I found the people living here to be really warm and friendly. I've been able to explore many places in the prefecture through work and also with friends. I like being outdoors so my favourite place in Fukushima would have to be Inawashiro Lake in the Aizu region.

If you have any questions or problems, I'll try my best to help you so feel free to message me anytime!

Work Phone: 024-521-7183

Work E-mail: wiens_youki_01@pref.fukushima.lg.jp

Private E-mail: youkiwiens53@hotmail.com


Japanese PAs

Kume Masanori

Phone: 024-521-7183

E-mail: kokusai@pref.fukushima.lg.jp

Kanke Satoshi

Phone: 024-521-7183

E-mail: kokusai@pref.fukushima.lg.jp

Area Support Leaders

What is the Area Support Leader System?

The Area Support Leader System provides JET participants living in Fukushima Prefecture with a nearby support system to turn to when they are in need of basic information pertaining to their local areas.  

Who are the Area Support Leaders?

The Area Support Leaders are all current JETs who volunteer to be available outside of regular hours.

What is their role?

To answer questions about life in your area of the prefecture, or just to lend an ear when you need to chat.

How can I contact my Area Support Leader?

There are Area Support Leaders in each region of the prefecture (7 in total). To find out who is nearest you, please check the info  below!

ASL Introduction

Celine Bennett - Kenpoku Area

Hello, I'm Celine, an ALT in Fukushima City, and I'm the Kenpoku Area Support Leader! I'll do プロフィール紹介my best to help or be a listening ear if ever you need one.

I've been to a ton of places in Fukushima City and the prefecture in general, so if you need a recommendation, hit me up! We have great fruit, restaurants, onsen, bars and festivals galore here in Kenpoku. If they're held this year, I recommend the Kenka Festival in Iizaka, and the Nihonmatsu Chochin Festival in October.

Don't hesitate to come to me for help if you need it!


Email: celinebennett@ymail.com 

Kenpoku Area:
Fukushima City, Nihonmatsu City, Date City, Motomiya City, Koori Town, Kunimi Town, Kawamata Town, Otama Village


Katherine Stearns - Kenchu Area

Hey everyone!プロフィール紹介

I'm Katie, your ASL for the Kenchu area! I'm originally from Ohio, USA, but have been calling the bustling city of Koriyama my home for the last 3 years. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, watching musicals, and playing board games with friends.

There are many awesome things to do in Kenchu! While you're here, check out cool places like the Abukuma caves near Tamura City, or attend one of our many amazing festivals, like the Taimatsu Akashi in Sukagawa.

If you ever need anything, be it advice, encouragement, or a whacky distraction from life, contact me anytime! Let's have a great year!


Email: katherinestearns23@gmail.com

Kenchu Area:
Koriyama City, Sukagawa City, Tamura City, Kagamiishi Town, Ten-ei Village, Ishikawa Town, Tamakawa Village, Hirata Village, Asakawa Town, Furudono Town, Miharu Town, Ono Town


Hanna Mohamoud - Kennan Area

Hello everyone!プロフィール紹介

My name is Hanna Mohamoud, and this year I will be your Area Support Leader for the Kennan region! I am originally from Ottawa, Canada but have been living in Samegawa Village for almost two years.

Rural parts can be a little intimidating but I have found the people to be welcoming and inclusive. Personally, I really enjoy the many festivals, food and nature that Kennan has to offer.

I've learned through my time being here that support and forming relationships can be a great way to maximize your JET experience. So, if you have any questions, need advice, or just need a chat, you’ve got a friend in me :).


Email: Hanna.Mohamoud@gmail.com

Kennan Area:
Shirakawa City, Nishigo Village, Izumizaki Village, Nakajima Village, Yabuki Town, Tanagura Town, Yamatsuri Town, Hanawa Town, Samegawa Village


Erika Csanyi - Aizu Area

Hello! My name is Erika Csanyi and I'm the ASL for Aizu. I'm from Canada and I've been inプロフィール紹介 Fukushima for 4 years now. I enjoy reading romance novels, watching Bad movies, and collecting mini fake foods from gacha machines. If you have any questions about Fukushima, Aizu or anything else, feel free to reach out to me! I'd love to hear from you.

Fukushima Prefecture is such a beautiful place overall, but I do have to say that I think Aizu is the gem of the area. It's full of natural beauty, with the mountains and Lake Inawashiro, as well as a lot of samurai history. No matter where you go in the area you'll encounter something cool. My personal favourite is Tsuruga-jo castle, in the center of Aizuwakamatsu city. It's the only castle in Japan with a red roof! You have to come see it and enjoy the other interesting things Aizu has to offer.


Email: erika.j.csanyi@gmail.com

Aizu Area:
Aizuwakamatsu City, Kitakata City, Kitashiobara Village, Nishiaizu Town, Bandai Town, Inawashiro Town, Aizubange Town, Yugawa Village, Yanaizu Town, Mishima Town, Kaneyama Town, Showa Village, Aizumisato Town


Ashley Walls - Minamiaizu Area

Hey, I'm Ashley and I'm from Leicester, England. I'm a 3rd Year JET and based in Minamiaizu. プロフィール紹介Minamiaizu is a great town situated in South-West Fukushima and surrounded by endless mountains, home to some fantastic ski resorts and renowned for its great sake. There are various festivals that take place throughout the year and definitely worth a visit. If you plan on passing by, please drop me a line and I'll gladly show you around.


Email: ashleywalls2305@gmail.com

Minamiaizu Area:
Shimogo Town, Hinoemata Village, Tadami Town, Minamiaizu Town


Colin Myatt - Soso Area

Hi! My name is Colin Myatt, while I'm originally from the United States, I moved around sプロフィール画像o much that I never got too attached to one place. Now-a-days the Soso region is just as much a home as any other places I lived in the states.
Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, I haven't been able to travel around too much but, it's definitely given me time to get a better understanding of Japanese! Thankfully, from new stores to new onsens, the Soso region never really went entirely dormant during the pandemic either.

So, if you're ever feeling like exploring Soso, feel free to ask me for help! With my grasp on Japanese, we can have the fun of the almost blind leading the actually blind.


Email: Camyatt@live.com

Soso Area:
Soma City, Minamisoma City, Hirono Town, Naraha Town, Tomioka Town, Kawauchi Village, Okuma Town, Futaba Town, Namie Town, Katsurao Village, Shinchi Town, Iitate Village 


Jessica Dempsey - Iwaki Area

Heya! I'm Jess Dempsey, and I'm the ASL for Iwaki City. プロフィール画像

I'm originally from Sydney Australia but have been living in Iwaki for almost two years now.  I love it here; Iwaki is a great place to live!  It's home to beaches, mountains, onsens, festivals and fireworks, as well as some great cafes and restaurants.  Iwaki is also home to a large network of absolutely amazing ALTs, who will do their best to welcome you.

In my free time I love to explore nature, be it hiking in the mountains or visiting the local parks of Iwaki.  I love going to karaoke, drinking coffee, and gardening.  I also love to travel, although this particular hobby has been on hold due to Covid-19…  Hopefully, we will all have the opportunity to travel and explore Japan in the near future!

If you have any questions about living or working in Iwaki, or just want to know more about what it is we do for fun around here, please don't be afraid to reach out! 


Email: jexicadempsey@gmail.com

Iwaki Area: Iwaki City


2021 Area Support Leader (ASL) Application Forms
(Applications for 2021 are now closed)

ASL application form 2021 [Wordファイル/51KB]

Contact: kokusai@pref.fukushima.lg.jp