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Tenku no Sato

The four villages of Nagazakura, Hodokubo, Dorobuyama, and Kosugiyama in the Shitatani area of Nishiaizu Town's Mutsuai district, which are facing depopulation issues, were named "Tenku no Sato". by university students who visited the area to support reconstruction and were impressed by the spectacular views. Residents and university students are working together to promote various initiatives utilizing local resources.

Viewpoint information

Street addressNagazakurabo, Mutsuai, Nishiaizu Nishiaizu Town, Yama District, Fukushima Prefecture
pointTenku no Sato Observatory
accessCar: 19 minutes from Nishiaizu IC on the Ban-etsu Expressway
* We recommend the route from the "Tenku no Sato Entrance".
SeasonEarly summer (fresh green), autumn (autumn leaves)


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