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Ozenuma/Oe Marsh

Oe Marsh, which is known for its large cluster of yellow carpet "Nikko Kisuge" that spreads over a wide marsh, is a popular area in Oze as a "flower marsh". It is also called a treasure trove of rare types of alpine plants due to its high altitude, snowy climate and the influence of topography and geology. From May to mid-September when the snow melts, the scenery from the wooden path passed among the various flowers that are in full bloom, the dignified appearance of Hiuchigatake, the highest peak in Tohoku, and the mirror that reflects the sky The spectacular scenery of the four seasons, such as Ozenuma, is like a reward for walking on the mountain path so far. We recommend preparing waterproof hiking shoes, jackets, raincoats, socks and underwear for changing temperatures and changing weather.

Viewpoint information

Street addressFukushima Prefecture minamiaizu district Hinoemata Village shaped Mount Hiuchigatake
point① Oe Marsh: Boardwalk (immediately after entering the boardwalk, in front of three larch trees, etc.) ② Ozenuma: Lake Ozenuma Viewpoint
accessCar: 1 hour 20 minutes from Noiwa Railway Aizu Kogen Ozeguchi Station (Miike Parking Lot) Shuttle Bus: 20 minutes (Oike Parking Lot-Numayama Pass Exit)
Walk: 1 hour and 10 minutes (Numayama Pass Exit-Ozenuma Visitor Center)
SeasonSpring-Autumn (mid-May to early October)


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