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Yanohara Marsh

Approximately 280 types of plants grow in the Yanohara Marsh, where you can see skunk cabbage and honeybees in spring, pygmy water lilies in summer, and beautiful autumn leaves in autumn. .. It is easy to access and walks around the promenade for about 40 minutes, so it is recommended for beginners of trekking. You may also encounter rare wild birds, rare scarlet dwarfs, and endangered Pacific cod dragonflies. It seems fun to look for plants with strange shapes and colors. You can easily enjoy a walk along the wooden path and spring water that cross the marsh.

Viewpoint information

Street addressOashi, Showa Village, Onuma-gun, Fukushima Prefecture
pointNear the entrance of the Yanohara Marsh Promenade
accessCar: 1 hour from Aizu Railway Aizu Tajima Station (parking lot available / 21 cars)
Walk: 3 minutes from the parking lot
SeasonEarly May to late October (Mitsugashiwa from early May to mid-May, sheep squirrel from early June to late September)


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