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Showa Village from Okuaizu Showa no Mori

Showa Village boasts the magnificent nature of marshes and canyons. From the observatory at the end of the promenade stretched over the "Okuaizu Showa no Mori Campsite" where you can experience the rich nature of Okuaizu, you can overlook the beautiful original scenery of Japan surrounded by mountains. You may be able to see the shining village under the starry sky, and the fantastic village peeking from the sea of clouds in the early morning when the weather is nice and cold.

Viewpoint information

Street address4893 Oashi Oyanohara, Showa Village, Onuma-gun, Fukushima Prefecture
pointObservatory of Okuaizu Showa no Mori Campsite
accessCar: 1 hour from Aizubange IC on Ban-etsu Expressway
SeasonBusiness: Late April-November / Best time to see: Late August-Early September, November Best shot: 6 am-7am in November (sea of clouds)


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