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Goshiki-numa from top of Mt. Issaikyo (Majo no Hitomi)

The fantastic scenery of Goshikinuma, also known as "Witch's Eyes" seen from the summit of Mt. Issaikyo, and Azuma Kofuji looking into the clouds. Cobalt blue that seems to be sucked in Goshikinuma is exactly "witch's eyes". Although the mountain trail is well maintained, it requires sufficient climbing equipment because it is a mountain with an altitude of nearly 2,000 meters. (* "Goshikinuma" is different from the Goshikinuma Lakes.)

Viewpoint information

Street addressWashikurayama, Tsuchiyu Onsenmachi, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture
pointIssaikyo summit
accessCar: 1 hour from Fukushima Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen (Jododaira Parking Lot)
Walk: 90 minutes from the parking lot
SeasonWinter closure / best time to see: Immediately after the winter closure is lifted in early April
RemarksSufficient mountaineering equipment such as mountaineering shoes and rain gear is required


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