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Starry sky above the Fukushima Basin and Jododaira from the peak of Mt. Azuma-kofuji

Azuma Kofuji at an altitude of 1,707m draws a "snow rabbit" on the slope of the mountain when the snow melts. The crater, which is full of sand and pebbles and has a reputation for being "like Mars," is about 500 meters in diameter, and you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Fukushima Basin and the Jododaira Marsh at the "pot circumference" that goes around the crater wall. In addition, the night view of Fukushima City seen from the top of the mountain and the starry sky that develops a large panorama are breathtaking.

Viewpoint information

Street addressWashikurayama, Tsuchiyu Onsenmachi, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture
pointAround the summit of Mt. Azuma Kofuji and a bowl tour
accessCar: 1 hour from Fukushima Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen (Jododaira Parking Lot)
Walk: 10 minutes from the parking lot (40 minutes to visit the mountaintop bowl)
SeasonWinter closure / Best time to see: Immediately after the winter closure is lifted in early April / Best shot: July-August (starry sky), late September-mid-October (autumn leaves)


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