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A crater lake with an altitude of 1,120 m created by the 1888 eruption of Mt. Bandai, which is written as "Aka-numa" and read as "Akanuma". The iron content of the lake water and mud at the bottom of the lake dyes swamps, coasts, and rocks on the surface of the water red. The white eruption that still erupts from the crater wall, which tells the intensity of the eruption, the occasional sulfur odor, the dark green red pine and the deep reddish-brown landscape make us feel the violent and strong vitality. Autumn, with the yellow accents of the autumn leaves, is also a beautiful viewpoint.

Viewpoint information

Street addressOaza Hibara, Kitashiobara Village, Yama District, Fukushima Prefecture
accessCar: 40 minutes from Bandai Town Station on the Ban- Etsusai Line (Urabandai Ski Resort Center House Parking Lot)
Walk: 40 minutes from the parking lot
SeasonYear-round / Best time to see: Spring-Autumn
RemarksSufficient mountaineering equipment such as mountaineering shoes and rain gear is required


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