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Nakatsugawa Ravine

It attracts people with a landscape befitting the name of an unexplored region, such as a rough rock surface carved by a rapid stream with a total length of 10 km and an altitude difference of 1,000 m, and a primeval forest that shows seasonal expressions. It is famous as one of the best spots for viewing the autumn leaves in Tohoku, but spring is also popular when the buds of trees, the remaining snow, the fresh greenery and the wild cherry blossoms co-star. You can also descend from the promenade to the valley, and the view from the riverbank is spectacular.

Viewpoint information

Street addressOaza Hibara, Kitashiobara Village, Yama District, Fukushima Prefecture
pointNakatsugawa Ravine Promenade
accessCar: 25 minutes from Inawashiro Station on the Ban-Etsusai Line (Nakatsugawa Rest House Parking Lot)
Walk: 15 minutes from the parking lot
SeasonSpring-Autumn / Best Shot: Autumn Leaves


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