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Taishi Village from Kaneyama Fureai Hiroba, and Taishi Village Viewpoint

"Kaneyama Fureai Hiroba", where you can see the Tadami Village and the Tadami Line along the Tadami River, is also a popular spot for shooting the Tadami Line. In addition, you can overlook the magnificent scenery called "Oshi bird's-eye view" from the viewpoint down the Shiribuki Pass, which is about 2 km from Aizu-Kawaguchi Station. A fantastic morning with fog, a silver-white village and the Tadami River against the backdrop of shining white mountains, and the roofs and autumn leaves of a colorful village are some of the most spectacular points to visit.

Viewpoint information

point(1) Near Shiribuki Pass (Ohiramichishita, Ohiramichishita, Kaneyama Town, Onuma-gun, Fukushima) (2) Kaneyama Fureai Square (Nakayama, Kawaguchi, Kaneyama Town, Onuma-gun, Fukushima)
access① Car: 20 minutes from Aizu-Kawaguchi Station on the Tadami Line (recommended via the prefectural road Oguriyama Miyashita Line-Tarabu area) Walk: 30 minutes from Shiribuki Pass ②
Walk: 10 minutes from Aizu-Kawaguchi Station on the Tadami Line
SeasonYear-round (Vehicles are closed during the winter (snowfall))


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