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Enzoji from Kiyohime Park

An ancient temple with a profound appearance built on a white rock wall, the Void Bodhisattva with infinite wisdom and mercy is enshrined. It is a scenic spot for cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in autumn, and is also known as the birthplace of the legend of Aizu's folk craft "Akabeko". "Kiyohime Park" on the opposite bank is crowded with a panoramic view of the temple and a view spot of the red Yanaizu Bridge over the Tadami River.

Viewpoint information

Street address176 Jikemachiko, Yanaizu Town, Kawanuma District, Fukushima Prefecture
point① Kiyohime Park parking lot ② On the moon bridge (cherry blossom season)
accessCar: 8 minutes from Ban-etsu Expressway Aizu Sakashita IC (Kiyohime Park Parking Lot) Bus: Aizu Bus Get off at Yanaizu Kokuzo and walk: 10 minutes from Tadami Line Aizu Yanagizu Station
SeasonBest time to see: Spring / Autumn


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