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Aizu Basin form Futanuma Forest Park

A spot overlooking the Tadami Line that runs through a large paddy field. You can also meet rare animals and plants such as Moria frog that spawns on the trunk of a tree. There are several bird's-eye view points in the park, all of which are fully equipped with parking lots. Although it is locked at night, there are log houses and bungalows in the park, and the vast night view of the Aizu Basin that you can experience here is a privilege of the guests.

Viewpoint information

Street address6636 Nanakubo, Yagisawa, Aizumisato- Aizumisato Town, Onuma-gun, Fukushima Prefecture
point① Taito Ward Memorial Forest ② Observatory (near the administration building)
accessCar: 20 minutes from Aizu-Takada Station on the Tadami Line (Taito Ward Memorial Forest Parking Lot / 5 cars)
SeasonApril-November (closed in winter) / Best time to see: Spring paddy field scenery, summer green carpet, autumn leaves


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