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Tadamigawa Bridge No. 4 (and bridges No. 5, No. 6, No. 7)

The 4th Tadami River Bridge, located between Aizu Mizunuma Station and Aizu Nakagawa Station on the JR Tadami Line, is the only truss bridge that can be photographed from the sidewalk of Mizunuma Bridge on Route 252 and has good access. If you bypass the shore on the Ueda Dam side and go to the riverside at the foot of the bridge, you can aim for a shot from the front of the train.

Viewpoint information

Street addressFourth Tadami River Bridge: Kaneyama Town, Onuma District, Fukushima Prefecture
point① From Mizunuma Bridge ② Front of the train crossing the bridge
accessWalk: 5 minutes from Aizu-Mizunuma Station on the Tadami Line


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