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Lake Tagokura and Snow Carved Mountains from Rokujurigoe-yukiwari Road

From the viewpoint of the prefectural border connecting Tadami Town in Fukushima Prefecture and Uonuma City in Niigata Prefecture, there is a vast primeval beech forest, Lake Tagokura, which praises the meltwater of the three mountains of Echigo, and a snow-eating terrain where the mountain surface has been shaved by an avalanche and the rocks are exposed. You can enjoy a unique view. This is a must-visit spot not only during the fall foliage season, but also during Golden Week, when the remaining snow and the fresh green of beech are mixed.

Viewpoint information

Street addressOaza Tagokura, Tadami Town, Minamiaizu District, Fukushima Prefecture
point(1) Prefectural border point, Rokujuri Koshi Pass opening monument (Kakuei Tanaka monument) parking lot, (2) Lake Tagokura Lake View
accessCar: 20 minutes from Tadami Station on the Tadami Line
SeasonApril-Early / Mid-November / Best Shot: Mid-October / Late October (Autumn leaves)
RemarksPleasure boat operates from May to early November


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