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Higurashi Falls

It is a two-tiered waterfall with a height of 40m and 15m. In the early Edo period, when Akinari Kato, the second feudal lord of Aizu, entered Aizu from Edo, he was fascinated by this waterfall seen from the opposite bank of the river, and the name comes from the fact that he sat on a rock and watched until sunset. In the deep forest, the graceful and fearless appearance that flows while splashing water is a beauty that deserves to be called an unexplored region.

Viewpoint information

Street addressHigurashi no Taki Observatory Parking Lot / 3013 Oaza Ooaza Otoge, Shimogo Town, Fukushima Prefecture
accessCar: 90 minutes from Shin-Shirakawa Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen (parking lot / 10 cars)
Walk: 5 minutes from the parking lot
SeasonMay (melting snow) -October (before snowfall)
RemarksFor intermediate users


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