Meeting people

Those who gather to see the nature of Oze all share something in common. Even a chance meeting is due to fate. The joy in sharing the splendor of nature with others will be a lasting memory on your trip. Enjoy also getting to know the local people who have lived here for generations.

Rest stops along the way

There are always rest stops along the mountain trails. It is a place where people of all ages and all walks of life can relax and unwind. How about asking the passerby about the weather and the conditions on the mountain trails?

Friendly encounters at the mountain lodges

Compared to other mountain trails in Japan, the Oze route is relatively long. We recommend trekking and staying overnight in a mountain lodge to avoid overexertion, due to the changing weather conditions in the mountains.

People can relax while having a beer and a meal in the front yard or on the terrace of the huts. We invite you to spend the afternoon socializing with each other until the evening.

Visiting the visitor centers and the stores

There are two visitor centers in Oze (by Lake Ozenuma on the Fukushima Prefecture side). Take advantage of these sites to get the latest information on Oze. You can also buy food, drink, and souvenirs at the stores. Why not bring home some memories of your trip?

Hospitality at inns and guest houses

There are many Ryokans (Japanese-style inns) and guest houses in Hinoemata Village and Minamiaizu Town in Tateiwa District, the gateways to Fukushima Oze. You can enjoy a unique mountain cuisine at each accommodation and also wash off the sweat from your trekking at the onsen hot springs.