The Fukushima Oze Project is a nature tourism program aimed at getting people to experience the nature and culture of Oze National Park in Fukushima Prefecture as well as in Hinoemata Village and Minamiaizu Town, the gateways to Fukushima Oze. From trekking in Oze, where visitors can experience rare and natural scenery, to cultural events in Hinoemata Village and Minamiaizu Town with their unique history, many new discoveries and experiences are waiting to entertain your mind and body in Fukushima Oze.

Increase visitors to Oze from the Fukushima Prefecture side.

There are nine entrances to Oze National Park in both Gunma and Fukushima Prefectures, but about 70% of visitors enter from the Gunma Prefecture side due to its easy access from the Tokyo metropolitan area. The same is true for the burden on the environment. The Ministry of the Environment, Oze Preservation Foundation, and the surrounding municipalities are working to improve the balance of the use and protection of the environment by increasing the ratio of people entering the park from the Fukushima Prefecture side.

Ratio of visits to the park from each trailhead in 2019

The Fukushima Prefecture side is rich in topography, and a real mountain climbing experience awaits.

The Oze National Park on the Fukushima side has more than five trailheads. There are many trekking routes with beautiful forest zones, streams, and full-scale steep ascends that will make your mountaineering experience 120% more enjoyable.

To discover the culture of Hinoemata Village and Minamiaizu Town, the gateways to Oze

Hinoemata Village and Minamiaizu Town, the gateways to Oze in Fukushima Prefecture, have their own unique customs, cuisine, and festivals that have been passed down from generation to generation. Make sure to check out their events when the season starts.

A Rare Nature

Why not learn about the rare nature of Oze in Fukushima Prefecture? If you do your research beforehand, you are sure to encounter a lot of new discoveries and insights.

Meeting people

Those who gather to see the nature of Oze all share something in common. Even a chance meeting is due to fate. The joy in sharing the splendor of nature with others will be a lasting memory on your trip. Enjoy also getting to know the local people who have lived here for generations.