Sightseeing Information

You can find information about sightseeing in Hinoemata Village and Minamiaizu Town, the gateways to Fukushima Oze.

Hinoemata Village

This village is located at the foot of the Numayama-toge Pass and Miike Trailhead. Despite having a population of less than 600 people, the community is densely packed within a 3 km radius, so there are plenty of lodging facilities such as inns, guest houses, and campsites. The Hinoemata Kabuki, held twice a year, has been passed down from generation to generation by the villagers and is not one to miss.

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Minamiaizu Town

The Aizu Kogen Ozeguchi Station, where you transfer from the train to the bus when going to Oze, is located here. There are many activities engaging with the nature of the plateaus and the clear streams, and in winter there are four ski resorts with distinctive features. The Sarukura trailhead of Mt. Tashiro is located in the Oze National Park.

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