FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What should I do if I get injured or lost?
A.Call 110 if you have a mobile phone signal. If there is a mountain hut or visitor center nearby, seek help there.
Stay on the boardwalk or mountain trail so that you will not get lost.
Q.Can I use credit card or electronic money at mountain huts?
A.It depends on mountain huts, so ask the mountain hut you will visit.
Bring the cash with you just in case.
Q.Are there any toilets?
A.In areas where there are mountain huts and rest houses you will find public tip (pay) toilets.
Please note that according to the location, some areas are closed during the beginning (May) and the end (October) of the season.
Q.Can I use a mobile phone? Is there any Wi-Fi connection?
A.Only some mobile phones will be connected in the vicinity of rest houses and mountain huts.
There are many mountain huts offering free Wi-Fi services.
Q.What should I do if I come across a bear?
A.Do not startle the bear, quietly backtrack without showing your back. You must never try using a loud voice or run away.
If you see a bear at a distance, wait still until the bear goes and walk in the opposite direction.
Near a baby bear there will be a parent bear, so promptly keep your distance.
Q.Where can I find information about guides?
A. To request a guide, check the Oze-Hinoemata Tourism Association