Hiking Cource A

Ozegahara Marsh and Lake Ozenuma from Hatomachi-toge Pass

Lake Ozenuma in July when the Nikko day lily blooms

  • Day 1 Hatomachi-toge Pass to Shimo-tashiro (Miharashi) 2hr 50min
  • Day 2 Shimo-tashiro (Miharashi)to Numajiri/Nushiri to Numayama-toge Pass 4hr 15min

Walk over the famous spots of Oze: Ozegahara Marsh and Lake Ozenuma in 2 days.Following the stone-cobbled road and boardwalk down from Hatomachi-toge Pass at the entrance to the mountains in Gunma Prefecture, you will arrive at Yamanohana with Visitor Center and camp site.Ozegahara Marsh divides into Kami-tashiro, Naka-tashiro and Shimo-tashiro from the west and need to weave around the ponds in the marshland of Yamanohana to Naka-tashiro.Pass Ryugugoya and you will arrive soon at Shimo-tashiro.On the 2nd day, with Ozegahara Marsh behind you, walk from Shimo-tashiro as if traversing the foothills of Mt. Hiuchi and climb a steep incline to reach Shirasuna-toge Pass.Descend from the pass down a path in a gully towards Numajiri/Nushiri where alpine flowers bloom.To get to the eastern edge of Lake Ozenuma and the Visitor Center , take the northern edge for better road.Keep Lake Ozenuma on your right, you will arrive at the eastern edge of Lake Ozenuma with the Visitor Center and Chozogoya.Take the path northeast and descend the mountain from Oe Marsh, past the observatory, to Numayama-toge Pass.


The route to enjoy seasonal flowers from late May until early October.After descending the mountain, spend one night at Hinoemata Village and enjoy the onsen hot spring and traditional dishes.