Hiking Cource E

Mt. Tashiro to Mt. Taishaku

Tashiro-yama Marsh with swaying Tussock cottongrass

  • Day 1 Sarukura-tozanguchi Trailhead to Mt. Tashiro to Mt. Taishaku (round trip, day walk) 5hr 30min

Oze National Park’s paradise above the clouds, and the perfect route for enjoying flowers and views.There is a vast expanse of marsh in the area around the summit of Mt. Tashiro, which boasts many flowers blooming in early summer.The grand view from the king of the Taishaku mountain range, Mt. Taishaku, is magnificent, and walking between the two peaks, you can enjoy traversing “flowers and views.”From Sarukura-tozanguchi Trailhead, the steep slope through the forest carries on a fair way, but once you reach Otashiro, you are almost at Mt. Tashiro.The vast marsh at the summit of Mt. Tashiro is colored by seasonal flowers, such as Tokiso (Pogonia japonica) and Chinguruma (Geum pentapetalum) in early summer, and Nikko day lily and Tussock cottongrass in full summer.Walk through the coniferous forest zone from Mt. Tashiro to Mt. Taishaku.From the summit of Mt. Taishaku, you can view the famous peaks of Aizu: the Nasu peaks in the east, Nikko mountains in the south and Mt. Hiuchi from the west to the north.


When walking Mt. Tashiro and Mt. Taishaku from Sarukura-tozanguchi Trailhead, if you continue on to Umasaka-toge Pass, you will find the transport connections back are not good when you come down from the mountain.
We recommend using a rental car and taking a round route from Sarukura-tozanguchi Trailhead over Mt. Tashiro and Mt. Taishaku.