Introductionto Oze

Hiking in Oze

Average monthly temperatures in Hinoemata Village

*Hinoemata Village lies at an altitude of about 940m, Ozegahara Marsh at 1400m, and Lake Ozenuma, 1660m.

*In general, the temperature falls 0.6 degrees with every 100m of elevation.

The best season for hiking

June to mid-October is recommended. Snow remains in early June. Walk with caution as wet boardwalks are easy to slip. From June to July, enjoy the flowers bloom, as well as the fresh greenery in early summer, and coloring of autumn leaves in fall. On Mt. Hiuchi, numerous snowy ravines remain until the time of summer hiking opening event held in mid-July. Crampons and ice axes are necessary for steep slopes. Also, Mt. Shibutsu is closed from May 7 - June 30 for natural revegetation.

Advice for planning your hiking

Study the map and make sure to plan well within your own physical capabilities. Day trips are possible but staying overnight will allow you more time and the opportunity to experience the night sky and the tranquility of the early morning. You can choose to stay at mountain hut or in a tent, but beginners are recommended to stay at the mountain hut. Bedding is provided, and meals are served which makes your luggage lighter. Even in midsummer, mornings and evenings can be cold, so be sure to bring warm clothes with you.

Rules within the National Park

  • Keep to the right on boardwalks to help protect nature. Do not put your feet in the marshland.
  • In Oze, picking of plants is prohibited. It is not allowed to bring back even fallen leaves.
  • At the entrance to the mountain, wipe off the dirt from your shoes on the trailhead mat before starting off. This is to remove any weed seeds.
  • If you are using a trekking pole, be sure to keep it only on the mountain track.
  • In order to protect the terrain, fit the tip of your pole with a rubber cap.
  • Please use the public bathrooms to help preserve the environment.
  • Do not feed any wild animals.
  • Do not dispose garbage. Please take it back with you.

Accommodation facilities

Reservation is basically needed to stay at the mountain hut. Please arrive before 16:00; if you are going to arrive late or wish to make a cancellation, please call the accommodation. If no contact is received for a cancellation, you may be considered as lost, and the police or related organization may go searching for you. The evening meal at the mountain hut is served around 17:00, lights-out is at 21:00, and breakfast is at 6:00. The use of soap, shampoo, and toothpaste is prohibited in the bath of the mountain hut. If you want bento for next day lunch, please tell the staff while check in.

Chozogoya hut on the side of Lake Ozenuma built in 1934
Tatami rooms are also available for private usage
Enjoy local dinner in the mountain hut

Rules for staying in a tent

Staying in a tent is available at three designated sites: Ozenuma hyutte (reservation only), Hiuchigoya, and Shibutsusanso. You need to pay a pitching fee.