Hiking Cource C

Hiuchiura-rindo Trail to Mt. Hiuchi from Miike

Morning in Shimo-tashiro in beautiful, mystical mist

  • Day 1 Miike to Sanjo Falls to Shimo-tashiro (Miharashi) 4hr 30min
  • Day 2 Shimo-tashiro (Miharashi) to Mt. Hiuchi to Numayama-toge Pass 7hr 40min

A course that walks the Hiuchiura-rindo Trail connecting Miike and Shimo-tashiro, climbs to the summit of Mt. Hiuchi and takes in the scenery of Lake Ozenuma.It is a round route starting in Hinoemata Village.Hiuchiura-rindo Trail is an approximately 9km route through primeval forests and marshes from Miike to Shimo-tashiro, with Sanjo Falls and Hiraname Falls along the way.The climbing trail has steep slopes and steep rocky climbs, so take sufficient care when walking.In the fall the sun sets early, so bring a head lamp with you.The 2nd day follows the Miharashi-shindo Trail from Shimo-tashiro to Mt. Hiuchi.Once out of the tree line, the path goes along a rock ridge, with Ozegahara Marsh and Mt. Shibutsu below.When atop Shibayasugura and Manaitagura, be sure not to confuse with the several descents stretching down from the summit. Take Choei-shindo Trail down towards the east edge of Lake Ozenuma.Walk from Lake Ozenuma to Numayama-toge Pass and take the bus from Numayama-toge Pass to Hinoemata Village.


From May to the beginning of July, there are remnants of snow around the summit of Mt. Hiuchi.Crampons with at least 6 spikes and trekking poles are necessary.Mt. Hiuchi is challenging, and it is dangerous for beginner hikers to tackle it alone.