Hiking Cource B

Traversing Mt. Hiuchi and Mt. Shibutsu from Miike

Ozegahara Marsh as seen from Mt. Hiuchi in summer

  • Day 1 Miike to Mt. Hiuchi to Shimo-tashiro (Miharashi) 6hr
  • Day 2 Shimo-tashiro (Miharashi) to Mt. Shibutsu to Hatomachi-toge Pass 6hr 10min

You will traverse two mountains that feature in the 100 Famous Mountains of Japan, Mt. Hiuchi (the highest peak in the Tohoku region) and Mt. Shibutsu.First day begins straight away by climbing Mt. Hiuchi from Miike.On the way, catch your breath at the beautiful marshes of Hirosawa-tashiro and Kumazawa-tashiro.Once past Kumazawa-tashiro, you will enter the alpine zone.Ascend a rocky and hard-going steep slope to arrive Manaitagura.A little further on you will arrive at Shibayasugura.Shibayasugura commands a panoramic view of Lake Ozenuma and Ozegahara Marsh.Having enjoyed the viewpoint, climb down along Miharashi-shindo Trail towards Shimo-tashiro. Watch your step down the steep inclines on the trail.On the 2nd day, you will walk from Shimo-tashiro along the Ozegahara Marsh boardwalks to Yamanohana.The climbing trail from Yamanohana to Mt. Shibutsu is restricted to one-way only in order to protect the vegetation.From the summit of Mt. Shibutsu, enjoy the panorama view of Ozegahara Marsh and Mt. Hiuchi.Descend the climbing trail that stretches south from the summit to climb down to Hatomachi-toge Pass.


The Miharashi-shindo Trail from Mt. Hiuchi to Shimo-tashiro is challenging.Be careful as the serpentine stones of Mt. Shibutsu are slippery.Mt. Shibutsu is a treasure trove of alpine plants, and you can observe a variety of flowers.