Hiking Cource D

Traversing Mt. Aizukoma and Mt. Chumonfrom Hinoemata Village

Marshland at Mt. Aizukoma

  • Day 1 Komagatake-tozanguchi Trailhead to Komanokoya hut 3hr 30min
  • Day 2 Komanokoya hut to Mt. Aizukoma to Kirinte 6hr 25min

The route for walking Mt. Aizukoma that features in the 100 Famous Mountains of Japan is a course full of variation, from beech trees, marshland flowers, to ridges commanding views.From Komagatake-tozanguchi Trailhead, walk along the trail to the climb where a shortcut from the trail takes you to Takizawa-tozanguchi Trailhead.Climb a steep slope, and where the slope flattens out you will find an open space with a bench.From here, descend for 2 minutes in a southern direction to a waterhole.Climbing along the ridge, you will eventually reach a marsh with boardwalks.Walk across the vast marsh, and you will arrive at Komanokoya.On the 2nd day, walk from Mt. Aizukoma along a boardwalk ridge.Enjoy seasonal flowers such as Hakusankozakura (Primula cuneifolia) and Nikko day lily.From Mt. Chumon, return to Komanokoya along the Fujimi-rindo Trail, while enjoying the view of Mt. Hiuchi.Take the route going in a southeast direction from Otsumata-toge Pass and descend down a steep zig-zag path.Once you reach Kirintezawa, you will arrive in Kirinte.Return to Hinoemata Village by bus.


Remnants of snow linger on the mountain paths into the beginning of July.Be careful not to get lost and/or slipping.Komanokoya is a mountain hut for self-catering, so bring your own food, cooking utensils and drinking water.