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Status of evacuation areas in 12 municipalities

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1.Tamura City [Japanese only]

1.Tamura City

Information about Tamura City is provided here.

2.Minamisoma City [Japanese only]

2.Minamisoma CityInformation about Minamisoma City is provided here.

3.Kawamata Town [Japanese only]

3. Situation in Kawamata Town

Information about Kawamata Town is provided here.

4.Hirono Town [Japanese only]

4.Hirono Town

Information about Hirono Town is provided here.

5.Naraha Town [Japanese only]

5.Naraha Town

Information about Naraha Town is provided here.

6.Tomioka Town [Japanese only]

6.Tomioka Town

Information about Tomioka Town is provided here.

7.Kawauchi Village [Japanese only]

7.Kawauchi Village

Information about Kawauchi Village is here.

8.Okuma Town [Japanese only]

8.Okuma Town

Information about Okuma Town is provided here.

9.Futaba Town [Japanese only]

9.Futaba Town

Information about Futaba Town is provided here.

10.Namie Town [Japanese only]

10.Namie Town

Information about Namie Town is provided here.

11.Katsurao Village [Japanese only]

11.Katsurao Village

Information about Katsurao Village is provided here.

12.Iitate Village [Japanese only]

12.Iitate Village

Information about Iitate Village is provided here.

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